Monday, June 30, 2008

WWKIP - 16 days later

June 14th dawned bright, sunny and windy enough to make a half knit sock fly like a kite. I gathered up my knitting and ran (literally) down the hill to Tangled Skeins where I dropped off a special shirt for Ms. Extremities:

Henry, the t-shirt

Nothing says "Lurve" quite like your own Henry shirt. I made two at the same time, so I hope that Ms. Extremities doesn't mind being my "shirt twin".

I then had the pleasure of heading to WWKIP with Mrs. Knit, co-organizer of our WWKIP day. Here she is, smiling despite the anxiety I'm sure she was feeling.  Will people come to the party? What if someone else tries to steal the space in front of the library? What if I can't beat them out of our space with my 10mm needles? - you know, the regular things that event organizers worry about.


All the anxiety melted away when we arrived at the library to find KNITTERS on the lawn. Happy, smiling knitters, who registered for the event and made donations to Bryony House.

Registration table

There were knitters from far and near:

international contingent

That's Dolce and Gasman (Ravelry names) - Dolce who is from England, was visiting her brother (Gasman) and stopped by the event.

There were new friends:

Henry's biggest local fan

Amyjobean and Henry
Note:  I think she may have run off with him to the Wedding Chapel if I someone else hadn't recognized Henry and asked for a picture.  

And old friends:

Henry and the No Sheep Girls

Mrs. No Sheep and her Girl
Note: Mrs. No Sheep is allergic to Henry's wooly exterior but gamely held him in place with the aid of a jacket.

My doppleganger

Mrs. "My Husband Leaves Town and I Buy Houses" aka, Moe
Note: In May 2005 Moe, the wee Miss Mines and I started the KOL group. Three years of KOL! Yay! Three years of knowing Moe! Yay! She's the best stalker ever. *waves to Moe hiding behind hydrangea*

JF and Henry

Ms. Wednesday
Note: Ms. Wednesday's adorable boyfriend showed up later to knit on his work socks with us.

Some people met their new BFFs at WWKIP:

Henry finds a golfing buddy

Henry: Wanna go trolling for chicks?

Gnome: Aye! But let's leave the trolls at home!

Henry: I'm with ya, buddy, I'm with ya!

There were friends we don't see nearly enough of:


Will you just STOP ripping out your projects, lady?

Jaichan smooches teh Henry

Everyone's favourite chef-in-training, Jaichan!

And divas with babies who don't like coffeehouses:

Ninja and Henry

The Ninja - shortly before she ran off with my camera.

Here, Henry got a chance to feel Alison's baby kicking.

Henry checks on Alison's baby

Awwwwwww...We see the a moment of affection between an experienced knitter with a new knitter in the womb, and a tiny green knitted monster's affinity for them both.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day was when the yarn started flying, literally:

Flying yarn!

These little balls of yarn were donated by the Loop and garnered much more excitement than a wedding bouquet toss.

Note: This is the only photo I have of Cali, the other event organizer. If you squint, you can see her on the left, smiling and chucking yarn.

These weren't the only prizes for the day - Tangled Skeins gave a Jo kit for the photo scavenger hunt, there was a Loop bag and LK yarns donated prizes as well. Ilga Leja donated one (or was it two?) of her patterns for prizes.

Speaking of Ilga, here's a photo of her and Henry together:

Henry poses for a photo op with Ilga Leja

This photo was taken shortly after they signed a landmark, international agreement to bring peace to the world through yarn and beautiful patterns.

If only, my friends, it could be that easy... Ilga would be the one to lead the charge. And Mrs. Yes, Cali and the rest of the knitters would be there to organize the rest!

Thanks again, ladies. It was a wonderful day. Henry was completely exhausted when we got home and missed his date with Ms. Electron-Knits


  1. Anonymous2:49 p.m.

    I want a Henry shirt!

    Looks like fun. I wish I was there.


  2. Anonymous2:50 p.m.

    I only bought ONE house while he was a away, before he cut me off from any more shopping.

  3. Anonymous2:51 p.m.

    typo. "a away" - I seem to have adopted a stutter.

  4. Anonymous2:53 p.m.

    I lurve being a t-shirt twin! Thanks again!

  5. Wow! I love your pictures! Too bad I didn't get a picture with Henry... I still regrett it... lol

  6. Dude, we need to do a t-shirt swap.

  7. The idea of the world knit together with peace just brings a tear to my eye.

    Le sigh. Someday our chance will come, knitters, and we must seize it. (With what hands, I don't know - mine will be busy with knitting).

  8. I would have cried myself to sleep that night if it hadn't been for the awesome day of public knitting with friends.

  9. Looks like a good time was had by all :)

  10. The Henry shirt. It rocks!

    I'd seriously buy one; you should think about flogging them on Cafepress!

    Looks like you enjoyed a fabulous WWKIP day.


  11. You know what's wierd? Linking to a random blog from the comments on a totally different random blog, both of which are written by people I have never met, and finding a picture of myself. Well, part of myself.