Friday, July 25, 2008

Back and Blue

I'm back from vacation.  A little blue to have left the wonderful cottage, but happy to have brought the blue skies home with me.  

For those of you wondering if I had been in hospital all week having my foot amputated, the answer is "No".  I consulted a few health care professionals (one being my dad, the pharmacist who is as good as a doctor, trust me) before I left town and their answer was all the same:  Rest, Ice, Elevate, etc.  Which I happily did the night before I left on vacation (hard to do while sleeping, but nonetheless, managed), and on the ride to the cottage... The swelling went down by Sunday morning... and an rather ugly bruise showed up in its place around my ankle.  All is well, though, and I have no pain in my ankle. 

The scratches are healing up nicely and my entire being benefitted from the peace and tranquility of floating in the water in Grand Lake.  (ok, ok, I may have thrown my nephew in a couple of times, always good for stress relief.  Especially when he came up sputtering and shocked.)

Thank you everyone for your concern!  Who says the internet is a cold and lonely place? 

While we didn't have perfectly blue skies during our time at the cottage, it was always clear enough to go swimming every day.  Yesterday started with a thunderstorm, but ended with clear skies and a beautiful sunset.  

I spent last night picking blueberries in the field near the family cottage and am happy to say it was the best crop I've seen there in years.  I was taking handful after handful off the bushes.  

I also had a lesson from Mr. Happy's Auntie Kathy in how to make Grammy Happy's pie crust.  There are some secrets that will never leave the family.  

Anyhoo, I just meant to check in.  Mr. Happy and I are having a fete tomorrow, and I have a zillion things to do before then. 

When I have a chance, I'll share some photos with you.  


  1. Mmmm...sounds like a slice of heaven. I am really hoping to get to the camp this week. I need me some floatin on the river time.

  2. Glad to hear your leg didn't fall off. The cottage sounds wonderful

  3. hadn't realized that you were at "the lake"... and yes, the bluebes are AMAZING this year! mmm... grand lake berries...

  4. Hope you had a great celebration on the weekend (sad I missed it - I was standing in a wet fog choking on musket smoke while you were sipping cocktails and eating).