Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Did We Have to Leave?

Re-entry into the "real" world hasn't been the easiest. It was very hard to leave the cottage behind.  Can you blame me when the view from the deck in the evening glows as golden as this?

Evening light on Grand lake

When something as simple as a walk leads you down a lane this perfect?

Going for a walk

Field at the farm

Where it's ok if you knit all day long, even when you're a growing boy who only sits still long enough to eat mass quantities of food:

My nephew, knitting...

Where swimming is fun for everyone: Humans,

Swimming at Grand Lake

and dogs alike:

Pippin loves swimming

When your bed buddy is as cute as this?

My bed buddy at the cottage

Where, when the sun shines, you can't imagine why you would want to be anyplace else?

Pippin at the lake


  1. I don't blame you one little bit....why didn't you invite me??!! :) It looks awesome. I'm jealous. Tokyo is uncomfortably stinking hot....

  2. Yeeeeaaaahhh....that sounds nicer than sitting in my apartment sweating all day at the computer, burning my eyes out, then going to bed in a hot hot room and listening to transfer trucks, motorcycles and loud drunk people go up Hollis Street all night......

  3. Heavenly. (pats to Pippin, he's a cutie)

  4. That Pippin is a "stylin' pup"- what form as a diver! I am with you-I don't think I could have left that cottage either!

  5. sigh!!!!! Wish I could go back to my summer paradise too.

  6. A place where people don't cranky and yell at you while you're eating breakfast because the internet is not working? Who would want to leave there.

    Glad you had fun.

  7. Wow. Gorgeous vacation spot. Lucky you.

  8. Robin says woof to Pippin.