Sunday, August 03, 2008


AAAAAAh!!!!!! I've been home since Friday and it's been raining since Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Happy's mom has been staying with us as his dad is away in Germany (we're confiscating his passport when he gets home so he can't go away again). And Pippin has been here too as my SIL and family are away in New Brunswick at a conference.

We're all going completely nutters with the relentless rain.

Oh, and this morning, Pippin was ticked that we all slept in, so he pooped on the duvet cover in the back bedroom. The beautiful April Cornell duvet cover Mr. Happy and I bought on our honeymoon.

Did you know that dog poop bleaches things?

And did you know that runny dog poop can soak into the duvet?

I see a trip to the dry cleaner in my future.

Oh, and did you know that it's supposed to rain until WEDNESDAY???????



  1. Has Pippen been taking lessons from Winston on "how to let your servants know you are displeased with them"?

  2. You can wash a feather duvet. Just make sure not to use real soap (I think real soap makes the feathers clump??), and when you dry it you stick an old (clean) pair of sneakers in with it to break up any clumped feathers. Cat puke also soaks into duvets, so ours has been washed a few times already!

  3. Pffft, it's a lovely sunny day (for now). And Alison's right - you need to wash that with Nikwax down wash, you can get some at MEC. I wash my duvets all the time with it. The perils of living with small ones, you know.

  4. Anonymous9:35 a.m.

    Horrible. Yuck. Poor you.

  5. You can wash the duvet and hang it on the clothesline once the damp weather goes away; that is... I've washed many a duvet, although the feather ones will lose a few feathers with each wash. The duvet cover will be fine too; my April Cornell duvet cover has been puked on by one or more cats and peed on by a little dog, not all at the same time mind you.
    Use borax with your laundry detergent it helps get rid of icky stains and smells.

  6. are you any better yet?