Sunday, August 10, 2008

Party, Party, Party

The last four weeks have been nothing but party, party, party. At least it seems that way. I haven't had a full weekend on my own since, um, early July?

I spent the weekend of the 19th at the cottage... then we came back for a party on the 26th. As Mr. Happy and I haven't had a big back yard party at our place in years and certainly we've never had one with as many people. We thought that it was about time that we put our back yard to good use [1] and our anniversary was a good reason.

So, we invited a whole pile of people, asked them to bring some food and crossed our fingers that it didn't rain.

The morning started out a little overcast, but by the time our first guests arrived, it was sunny and warm.

Surprise!  It's the Steeves!

Becca and Troy weren't sure if they could make it down for the party, so you can imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw two people arriving early. Mr. Happy had gone out to get some ice, so when I saw them crossing the street I started to panic thinking people were arriving early and thought, "Oh no, I don't even know who they ar... eeeeh! It's Becca and Troy!!!!" and I went running out of the house. Then Mr. Happy arrived the look on his face when Becca opened the door was priceless.

As this is the first party we've hosted in quite a while, we may not have had all our ducks in a row, but we were smart enough to invite the neighbours:

The neighbours

'cause if you're going to have loud obnoxious party guests, it's better if the neighbours are part of the noise! We have the most wonderful neighbours. They arrived with chairs and a table and flowers for us. They proceeded to crack open a bottle of wine and get a little tipsy right in the center of the party. It was awesome.

We didn't realize how many of our friends had kids until they were all running around in the yard. The kids seemed to have have fun playing catch:

They didn't stop all day

...and um, tackle:

The Tackle

And so did the grown ups:

Paula, taunting the children

In fact some of the "adults" stuck around and played ball until dark.

The KOLers came and found a cool spot under the tarp. They even graciously took over the BBQ so that Mr. Happy could have a chance to eat.

The KOLers

While I think everyone had a good time, I really wish we had taken more time to organize the event. I got home from vacation the day before the party. I was a little stressed on Friday. (OK, alot stressed.) Also, we had planned to have some friends play music at the party, but they got stuck in traffic leaving a festival in Antigonish. Next time, we'll send out the invitations a bit earlier and check the music festival list for a date that doesn't conflict.

Regardless, we did have a lot of fun and were really glad so many people could make it out. It was really nice for Mr. Happy's family because they got to meet some of our friends. My dad and my SM couldn't make it to the party, but maybe next time. My family did represent, in the form of my great-aunt Mary and her daughter, Denise. It was so nice of them to drop in. Out of all the guests at the party, only Andrew's family[3], Becca and my great-aunt Mary had attended our wedding. We'll have to do something fun for our 15th and make sure that the whole family comes down!

One last note: At some point during the day, one of the guests spotted some of my old comic books in the spare room. After checking with Mr. Happy, he was shocked to discover that they were mine. [2] He alerted the rest of the gang and this is what I found going on a while later:

I had to search their bags before they left

I love the juxtaposition of heavy metal rockers and chenille bedspread. I'm still wondering if I should have frisked them before they left the party.

Petitebean? You'd tell me if Sausage stole my Power Pack books, right?

[1] It's certainly not working for us as a vegetable garden.
[2] I went to my parents pharmacy after school every day, so I spent a lot of time reading the comic books on the rack. I've got a pretty good collection, but nothing is mint. It's all well-loved.
[3] My nephew Ben was technically present at the wedding, although he wasn't born for another 2 months. ;)

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  1. Your four weeks of partying is ending just as my 4 works of work is ending. My fun begins on Saturday after 33 days of work in a row. Eep!