Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mother Nature is a Tricky Mistress

Yesterday dawned clear, bright and warm.  Mr. Happy and I crawled out of bed at 7:30am to walk to the Dartmouth Farmer's Market. It was beautiful and sunny. Birds were singing. And while the world still looks a little "messy" (picture piles of dirty, melting snow), it felt like spring and green grass would be along any minute.

Now, you may be wondering what, pray tell, was so important that we would be headed to the market so early in the morning?


These are chocolate croissants (Pain au Chocolat) made byTwo If By Sea Bakeshop. The Proprietress of which is the girlfriend of a musical friend of Mr. Happy.

Now, I will admit that Mr. Happy has been telling me about these croissants for ages, but as he hadn't eaten them he didn't know if she made Chocolate-filled Croissants.

Enter Fate.

I picked up a copy of the Coast this week and inside was an article about the croissants including the most valuable tidbit of information: pain au chocolat! And another valuable tidbit: "usually sells out by 10:30am"

You see this?

Happy Girl

This is the face of a very happy girl.

And this?

Worth Getting Up For

This is the face of a guy who, although he has been working insane hours this week, pulled himself out of bed so that his wife would have company at the market. (This is also the face of a guy who is thrilled that the Dartmouth Farmer's Market is much less crowded than the Halifax market and that there are plenty of tables and chair at which to sit and relax.)

We left the market completely satisfied with our purchase - Mr. Happy departed for his parents' place for a visit and I went home as a friend had hoped to stop in. Alas, she had a rather rough night, but was kind enough to send a message of explanation...

No matter, I used the opportunity to get started on some much needed house cleaning and tidying.

The weather outside was a whopping 10C, so I left the front door open, turned off the thermostat and set to work. It was a glorious day. I managed to get quite a few things taken care of before heading out in the afternoon for a visit with friends and a couple of errands..

This morning, however, Mother Nature is, most-likely, chuckling to herself about this little surprise:

You've GOT to be kidding me

You've GOT to be kidding me.


  1. Great pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Happy. I would roll out of bed at just about any time for a chocolate croissant!! Looks delicious. Mother Nature is just plain fickle! We had 4-5 inches of snow last Monday and it has been pushing 80 degrees F this whole weekend. Next weekend is supposed to be in the 40's-50's.

  2. You used a much kinder term than I did to describe Mother Nature this morning. And I'm glad that you got croissants! They *are* the best way to start a morning, eh?

  3. I nearly wept today as I swept more of that damn white shit off the van.

    I'm totally over winter.

    So, the croissants are totally worth getting up at dawn's buttcrack?

  4. Mmmm...pain chocolat.

  5. Mr and Mrs Happy look really sleepy and what a romantic thing to do on a Saturday morning...

  6. You too will get to know those rough nights! At least with this one they're few and far between. Hopefully we can arrange another time, or maybe Tuesday night will work?

  7. Oh, and I had pain au chocolat from Julien's yesterday. Yours looks nicer. Was it better?

  8. Mmm... I am drooling at my desk.

  9. at least most of your snow has melted!!! we still have monster piles here... pain au chocolat looks YUMMY. did henry get any? we haven't seen henry for a while... is he okay???