Thursday, March 05, 2009

Things I've had to give up while pregnant:

I know that parenthood is about making sacrifices. I also know that at the ripe old age of 35, I've already made a lot of sacrifices in my life that other people would never want to make. I'm not going in to this wearing Elton J*hn's pink sunglasses. I know it's not at all sunshine and diapers that smell like vanilla... I also know that I'm writing this post with tongue in cheek

Here are just some of the things I've had to give up so far:
  • My Bicycle (I stopped in December)
  • Dairy Queen Blizzards (my stomach bloated up like a hot air balloon)
  • Raw broccoli (the day I talked myself out of throwing up in the office restroom)
  • My favourite jeans
  • Sleeping through the night
  • A social life after 9pm
and today... today confirmed that I should probably give up something that I enjoy only occasionally, but the loss of which grieves me greatly:

  • Bacon
Two and a half slices this morning and my fingers are swelling up. I'm pretty sure my feet are too.

Old Man Luedecke says that "The answer is Bacon" and since I never argue with a man with a banjo and a sense of humour, I'm here to tell you that I hope this child understands what a sacrifice I'm making.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have to give up bacon, and that when he's old enough to understand, the Mogrunt applauds and honours you for your sacrifices.

  2. All I can say is Amen. I had to give up pork chops. Not that that was much of a sacrifice, it's not like I was hooked on them. But the mere thought of them has been off-putting for months. Curious to see if that remedies itself once this is all over.

  3. NOOOOO! Not Bacon!

  4. Oh but think of all the years you can share bacon with Mogrunt as he grows up. And the things you'll discover through his eyes. Why does bacon curl when it is cooked? Why does it go that color? Oh the things you will think about as you have someone with new eyes discover new to him things...It is worth a few months without it.

  5. Damn sorry about the bacon! I was devastated to give up beer and coffee. Thank goodness they are both back on board now. Oh and the not sleeping through the night thing is preparation for when the mogrunt arrives...I haven't slept through the night since about January 2007....oh and my nightlife ends at 6:30pm now - yahoo!!!!

  6. My night life has ends at 9pm and I don't have a kid or even a pet or plant.

    I just bought Old Man Luedeke's album last week. He is awesome!

  7. My fingers swelled anyway, even without bacon. And what do you mean diapers don't smell like vanilla?

  8. Oh god no...not BACON!

    Tell you what...I will eat your share until you can have it again. It will be a sacrifice, but I'm willing to do that for you.

  9. For a second I hesitated reading to the end of your post in fear of seeing the those three words...Easter Cream Eggs.

    I'm sorry about the bacon but alas, all is not lost.

  10. Oh man! Not the bacon!! Bet it's the nitrates in the bacon. Surely baby will appreciate you sacrifices but might not be until he/she is about 30 years of age! The joys of motherhood!

  11. You've always stayed up freakishly late. It is about time you start going to bed at a reasonable hour. I dream of going to bed at 9:00 - sadly 10:00 is the earliest I can make it these days....