Monday, September 14, 2009

Things That Have Been Making Me Happy

It's been ages since I've done a "Happiness for Under $10", and I'm just shooting from the hip today while I have a chance (i.e. while the Mogrunt is napping).

1. Enjoy naptime: it's free, it's decadent and sensible at the same time. Oh, and grownups can enjoy it too.
Cost: Free

2. Grab a coffee and go for a walk in the park with a friend: I've met a friend from our prenatal class for walks in the Public Gardens a couple of times. I used to visit the gardens more when I was in University and I'd forgotten how perfectly lovely they are.
Cost: bridge or bus fare + coffee = less than $6

3. If possible, take a baby to the beach: Introduce him/her to the water. Enjoy the smiles.
Cost $? gas to beach.

Bayswater Babe

4. Buy adorable hat from H&M for baby: Have him pose with his dad who sports same style of hat. Go to Saturday market. Listen to people exclaim over hat.
Cost: $6.95

hat buddies

5. Have friends who knit: Especially wonderful friends who knit things like 1920s style bathing suits for babies.
Cost: Free (except regular friendship maintenance).

look out ladies

6. Buy something for yourself on sale: Hit the end of season sale at Joe. Buy fun new shirt. Feel good about yourself while wearing it.
Cost: $7.94

7. Hershey's Dark Cherry and Almond chocolate bars: Need I say more?
Cost: less than $2.00

8. A knit night on your own: Leave dad and baby at home with a bottle of Mom's finest white milk. Go to knit night. Enjoy evening without spit up on shirt. Drink hot coffee. Call home and find that baby is bathed, fed and sleeping. Fall in love with his daddy all over again.
Cost: bridge fare, $4 for fancy coffee

Ok, that's all I can come up with right now. I want to get some knitting in before the Mogrunt wakes up.

In other news:
I'm doing some destashing. I've got some stuff up on Ravelry, but most of what is up there right now is nothing exciting at all, but I'm going to weed through my yarn and be completely honest with myself. Also, I'll be passing on the discounts that I received when I bought the yarn... and most of my yarn was purchased either at the Tangled Skeins holiday sale OR when I had an employee discount. Just sayin'.

I'm going to limit my destashing to Canadian addresses only. And I'm trying to figure out what to do about shipping. Let's just go with this rule: We'll do whatever seems fair.

The first person to leave a comment on the yarn on Ravelry will get it. I'm stephvw.

I'll put up a post here when I've got the rest of the items listed on Ravelry. M'kay?


  1. We had a Public Gardens stroll date the other night.

    Here's my happy for under 2000$. Fly home from Labrador and surprise finace who is recovering from emergency gall bladder surgery.
    Cost: Several panicked phone calls to management and union, making a nuisance of yourself to all your co workers, and finally lots of your tax dollars.

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  3. number 4 is my favourite. why? all three of my "guys" wear the same style of hat... the 2 littler guys started wearing them when they were mogrunt's age.
    you just can't beat classic style!

    p.s. sorry about the deleted comment. i had to correct a few typos...