Friday, October 16, 2009

My Uterus Does Better Work

While it may seem that I have dropped off the face of the blogosphere, in fact, I have not. I'm still around - lurking through your posts, often smiling at your stories, occasionally commenting, and occasionally forgetting to comment as I run off to change a diaper or rescue a baby who has spent "just enough time, thanks Mama" in his activity gym.

It seems I'm pretty busy these days - who knew that wiping up spit-up could be a full time job? I have become quite adept at anticipating imminent milky messiness. Despite that, I do currently have a big glob of wet on my shoulder right now as the Mogrunt planted a nice glob of cheese-curdy goodness on me before falling asleep.

Back when the Mogrunt was just a fish in my belly, my SIL laughed when I mentioned that I would like to get some knitting done while off on mat leave. She thought I was being unrealistic, but it seems that, despite the amount of time I spend doing laundry, I am managing to meet my own expectations. I wasn't so disillusioned to think that I would be sitting here with the Mogrunt on my lap, just knitting the days away, but having worked as a caregiver to two young girls, I knew that there would be time here and there to get in a few stitches.

It does seem, however, that blogging about those stitches is a harder task. As I said to my husband's family over Thanksgiving dinner - "Our camera used to be filled with photos of knitting - now it's filled with photos of the Mogrunt." My SIL piped up and said, "And those weren't nearly as interesting."

Seems someone is gunning for a lump of coal instead of a handknit stocking this Christmas.

So, in the last 3.5 almost four months, those few meager stitches at a time have turned into:

A totoro hat and a sweet baby cap:


Pattern: Totoro pattern from Hello Yarn.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK
Raveled here.

Pattern: Sweet Baby cap is from Gros Blog
Yarn: made with scrap yarn from a blanket a dear friend made for the Mogrunt
Raveled here.

A pair of mittens for the wee man - with plans for a matching hat:


Pattern: from A Kitten Knits
Yarn: Made with bits and bobs of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran and Cashmerino Aran.
Raveled here

Socks for me so that I can match the Mogrunt - we are sock buddies!

sock buddies

Pattern: 3x1 rib with short row heel.
Yarn: Trekking
Raveled here.

My "Alliteration" sweater for the boy,

Alliteration Sweater

So called because it is a Cotton Cashmere Cardigan
Pattern: Organza edged Cardigan from Debbie Bliss special knits - obviously, the Mogrunt chose to "butch it up" a little by leaving off the organza.
Raveled here

I've also made significant progress on the Baby Yours sweater:

Almost done

Pattern: Baby Yours by the Yarn Harlot
Yarn: STR
Raveled here

However, in all of this knitting, the one finished item of which I am most proud is this, the bear that the Mogrunt will be taking with him to University and quite possibly, on his honeymoon:

Almost 11 months in the making

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Raveled here

Yes, ladies and gents, it is finally done. The sweater alone was the cause of much ranting and mental compositions of "Dear Designer" letters. It took two and a half hours just to seam the darned thing! (And that's after I had it seamed at the shoulders and realized that I had only done 3 repeats of the garter stitch stripes at the top of one side and 4 on the other. The sweater almost went out the window of the car on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner in the Annapolis Valley.) We won't even talk about the bear itself because I may start to weep.

It took me almost 11 months to make this bear with my own two hands. Yet it only took me nine months to make a baby with my uterus. My uterus as it turns out has fewer fine motor skills than my hands but while that bear is cute, I think my uterus does better work, as evidenced here:

That Come Hither Stare

Look out ladies, he's a heart-breaker.


  1. It's undeniable - definitely a heartbreaker! I adore the sock buddy socks!

  2. Sock buddies! Love it now, because before you know it you'll be embarassing him in public and there is NO WAY he'll wear matching socks then, lol

    He's so cute. You make nice babies.

  3. He is ADORABLE!!!! Love the socks and the bear and all the other FO's. Good for you. You do nice work all the way around!

  4. Love the hats, but the last one is definitely the best FO. (but really, aren't they WIP until 18, at least? I have a feeling that after Feb I'm not going to sleep for about 20 years)

  5. I thought the socks were cool, but clearly the kid is wayyyyy cooler.

    Also, I hope you have a lot of extra stuffing for that bear. Our big boy's pig has been restuffed no less than four times since he was completed. I guess it's a sign of love when you squash something flat as a pancake.

  6. Yeah, he's pretty darn cute. I love the matching socks and his mittens. You're getting more knitting done than I am these days, and all I have is a cat. I think she just inspires me to nap more than I should.

  7. You can almost hear him saying, 'Well, hello there.' Just too cute.

  8. He's the sweetest thing!

  9. There, there. It's over now, the bear can't hurt you anymore. And man oh man - Mogrunt TOTALLY looks like his daddy. Such a sweetie!

  10. Oh my, he certainly is a charmer!! Adorable!! Love your matching socks.
    ; )

  11. I look forward to your next uterus, 'er I mean, knitting project. :)

  12. He is really incredibly cute! Look at you knitting away :):)