Friday, December 18, 2009

Missing In Action, But Not Missing Inaction

Hello? Is this thing on? Tap, tap.

Well, there goes another stretch of time where I have been so busy that I didn't blog. My deepest apologies to anyone with my blog still on your blogroll.

Right now, Mr. Happy, the Mogrunt and I are visiting our favourite cafe.

My new happy place

The Two If By Sea Cafe opened back in November and we've been enjoying every moment we spend here. The coffee is lovely, the croissants are divine and the owners are so sweet. Tara makes the croissants and Zane slings the coffee. Tara's croissants make me happy and ever since I told Zane that I thought the grownups should be allowed to have bunnies, etc on their latte, I've had two snowmen and today, a bunny and a snowman smiling at me from my cup.

The Mogrunt and I even met up with Brainylady here when she was visiting a few weeks ago. Henry even came out of hiding to see her, although, he refused to have his photo taken as he claims he has been doing undercover work.*

Brainylady very kindly made knee socks for the Mogrunt. They are so beautiful and the stitches look so neat and tidy and the little man's feet are too freaking big for them - WAH! - so I'm going to pick out the foot and see if I can rework them so that they will fit his giant baby feet.

It helps that the coffee shop is only a short walk from our house, although, now that the weather is getting colder (it was -23 with the windchill this morning) we haven't been down as often. We'll just have to bundle up and get out of the house more often!

Alrighty, the baby is asleep on Daddy's chest and I'm going to sign off for now; I've got some knitting in my bag. I hope to be back soon.

*Henry tells me that he's been working in the laundromat, disguised as a balled up sock, trying to crack the missing single sock case. I wish him well, as this kind of mission could surely help mankind, but I'm somewhat skeptical. I've seen some receipts for cocktails at a single bar. I think he's looking for love in all the wrong places. Single socks are really just useless without their mates.


  1. Ah! I still haven't made it down to TIBS...and desperately want to. I shall have to abduct you and the Mogrunt sometime for a coffee date, yes?

  2. The coffee shop sounds the name too. Much more enchanting than my chaise surrounded by clutter.

  3. glad to hear that henry is okay. i'd been wondering about him...
    the coffee shop sounds lovely. what is it that you're knitting? the yarn is v. pretty!

    p.s. you might want to check henry's pockets for mistletoe... if he's going to singles joints, you just never know...