Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year To Keep

Over my lifetime, there have been years I wanted to keep close to my heart and there have been years that I want to throw away. Those years are the ones I don't want to relive in my memory, but that keep coming back to me when I least expect it, stealing my breath away. Sometimes, they are the same as the years I want to keep.

1980 Keeper: I started school. I loved school. I did well in school and loved everything about it from math to spelling to gym class.

1985 - Keep: I was the Queen of Hearts in the grade 5 play of "The Trial of Alice in Wonderland". Life doesn't get much better than that.

1989 - Keep: I became friends with Leslie H, who lived down the street from me. We're still friends to this day. She still makes me laugh so hard that I can't breathe.

1990 - Keeper: I got my driver's license. I was a free agent, with gas money in my pocket. I also learned to water ski this year.

1992 - Keep and Toss: A year to keep and to throw away - I started university in another province while my family was in turmoil. It was a heartbreaker.

1996 - Keep: I met the man I knew I would marry. I knew it on our first date. So did he.

1997 - Toss and Keep: The year my mom died. There are moments that I cherish, but I want to toss most of that year out the window.

1998 - Keep: The year Mr. Happy and I were married.

2005 - Keep: I started meeting friends through knitting. Blest be the yarn that ties.

As for 2009, well, this year, I'll keep.

This is the year that my son came into the world. It still seems strange to say that. Every day I look at his little face and I'm amazed by him.

This is the year that I fell in love with my husband all over again. Watching him with our boy has made me see a whole other side of him and I love it so much.

This is the year that my Dad became "Grampy" and my brother became "Uncle".

This is the year that my husband said "goodbye" to his life as a studio engineer and is now starting on that path called "Career change".

This is also the year that my husband finished recording his first solo album, filled with music which I love and enjoy listening to very much.

This is the year that my dear friend, Angela, the one who encouraged me to start this blog, got engaged to her "Dictator".

This is the year that "niece", AJ, turned 1.

There are so many other things about this year for which I am thankful and which I will endeavour to remember and hope that I don't forget. Yes, there are challenges ahead, and not just those challenges that include late night feedings and diaper changes. But I feel ready for them.

I could go on, but right now, there are two sleeping boys upstairs who are waiting for me. I'm also quite exhausted and am happy to be wearing my jammies while others are out partying in high heeled shoes and cocktail dresses.

Now that the "Happy" couple are a "Happy" family, we are going to continue our New Years tradition of years past:

When the fireworks go off over the harbour at midnight, we will rouse from our slumber, mumble "Happy New Year", give each other a kis and drift back to sleep. This year, though, we'll snuggle the Mogrunt just a little bit before we start snoring again.


  1. sigh. warm feelings. hug hug...

  2. We also celebrated in jammies. With lobster. No jammies for them though. It was great. Happy New Year :)