Thursday, July 07, 2011

Quick Change Obsession

Gnome pants by Sesser
Gnome pants, a photo by Sesser on Flickr.
The little man in my life has been the recipient of much of my crafting over the last few months. It all started when I went to the library and borrowed Anna Maria Horner's latest bok, Handmade Beginnings. She does make a crafty person get all "wanty", doesn't she?

I got a little "wanty" about the Quick Change Trousers. And the next thing I knew, the Mogrunt had three pairs.

Gnome pants

I love this pattern - the contrast on the bum gives you the opportunity to play around a bit. Of course, I'm not exactly a pro-sewist (sewer?), so I didn't do the best job lining up my pattern pieces on the fabrics. You can tell, for example, on the red pants above, that I didn't really optimize the gnomey-ness of the back of the pants.

Ah well, learn and grow, learn and grow!

The pants below, with their elephant-camouflage look (perfect for hiding in the forest with your elephant friends), were the first pair of quick change trousers I made:

Elephant camouflage

I'm still not sure if these are cute or bordering on obnoxious... but hey, the other side of these pants have dogs driving cars, so really, who care? Dogs driving cars, man, dogs driving cars!

Just plain obnoxious

The most recent pair of QCT, were these, Superman pants, for my sweet boy's 2nd birthday:

Superman pants

With the comic strip in shades of blue on the reverse side, I'm not sure who likes these pants more, the Mogrunt or his mama:


What makes me a little sad about these pants is that soon enough, the Mogrunt will grow out of the pattern sizing.  And then there's the day I dread, when the Mogrunt starts to rebel against wearing the things I make for him.  Until then, little man, it's elephant camouflage and gnome pants for you!


  1. Dogs? ... Driving cars? Yay! Love them :)

  2. It's just too much adorable in one pant.

  3. I didn't know you've been doing all this posting lately! WHOA! Where have I been???
    trust me it is a good thing he will rebel - can you imagine him wearing them as a 14 yr old - there would be some major problems going on if he was...
    (I had an ex who tried to wear a suit jacket made by his mom - it was sooo horrible I wouldn't let him and it was really hard to explain to him why so many things were wrong with it)

  4. Have you been to Anna Maria's blog? If you scroll down to the Jun 17 entry, she has a tutorial for making QCOs (bibbed overalls) from the QCT pattern. Even more opportunities for pattern madness. Do you read Dr Seuss' Go Dogs Go! to the Mogrunt while he is wearing his dogs in cars QCTs? "The light is green now. GO, Dogs! GO!"