Friday, February 18, 2005

Alrighty then...

Andrew leaves this afternoon to go to Sydney, NS for the East Coast Music Awards weekend. We still aren't sure if he is going to the gala. Being the optimists that they are, the band decided not to go despite their nomination. However, due to the new gig* Andrew needs to go to Sydney. He called the people coordinating the gala to see if he could squeeze into the show on Sunday night. They said they didn't have any seats left. He brought up the fact that if the band did win then it would be really embarrassing for them to wait while he climbed over people as he made his way down from the nosebleed section to accept the award. Although, it's really funny to picture him jogging down the stairs and up the aisle, hollering, "No, don't go to commercial, I'm here, I'm here!"

*Ok, the new gig. The news is going to be out this weekend. Andrew and a business partner, Chris, are taking over a place called S*lar Aud!o. It's either "one of the biggest" or actually "the biggest" recording studios this side of Montreal. In it's heyday, the studio recorded the likes of: Bryan Ad*ms, Sl0an, Frank M!lls (Yup, "The Mus!c Box Dancer" guy), the Rank!n Fam!ly... and many others. This is a big transition for S*lar... new blood, new NAME (I suggested "Eclipse" this morning... and then laughed like a maniac), new decor, new lots of things... I've been scared to death for the last month. In the music biz, especially w.r.t. Andrew's band, good things always seem close to happening and then they just don't. So, once everything is up and running, and I start breathing more than the short panicked gasps I've been taking lately, then I'll be excited. When the real paycheques come in, I'll be VERY excited (woo, paying down debt, knock on wood).

So, while Andrew is away, RJS is here for the weekend. I've decided that since the two of them never seem to be in the same city at the same time (ok, except on Boxing Day), that they may be alter egos of each other. Or maybe one of the them isn't "real", kinda like Snuffalupagus on Sesame Street. Does anyone remember when the people on Sesame Street thought that Snuffy was a figment of Big Bird's imagination? That was when The Street was good. Omigod, I bet Andrew thinks I'm a big yellow dork with an imaginary friend. RJS is real, I tell you, real! Wait, maybe Andrew is imaginary. He works so much I'm starting to think he isn't real.

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