Friday, April 22, 2005

High Kicks

I was just doing chorus-line kicks in the photocopier room because I just called around to cancel our weekend training session.

This is great b/c:
1. I had made plans for Andrew and I to go out tonight with JAK and her husband. Now I don't have to come home super early.
2. I can plant some more seeds tomorrow and work on that baby sweater (coming along nicely - I've finished the back and am working on one of the front sides now).
3. I can hang out with my sister-in-law. Her husband is away at a conference. It's the first time he has been away on his own since they moved here 4 years ago. She usually goes with him to conferences, so this is her first "single parent" weekend in 4 years! She's Pippin's mommy, b.t.w.
4. I will have time to get more work done on those messy rooms!

I feel kinda bad b/c:
1. One of the ladies was really looking forward to this weekend.
2. One lady who cancelled did so because she was sick.
3. The other lady who cancelled is having a really hard time at home right now. She's a real sweetie so I feel awful that she's going through some rough stuff. I am glad, however, that she chose to opt out of the weekend. Her family comes first right now.
4. I am now free to go home for the weekend, but as I'm going home FOR SURE in two weeks, I would really rather stay home. I'm such a miserable shit (my mom would have called me that, I know it).
5. My hunky optometrist looked really bad last night (he grew out his hair and he's got highlights - bad ones) and he gave me new contacts to try. I don't think they are going to work out b/c my eyes are stinging right now. This has nothing to do with the training session cancellation.

As it turns out - my eyes did get a little worse. Not such a big change that I need to change my glasses prescription. But I really don't think this new kind of contact lens is going to work out. Owee!!!

Just as I suspected, he had to flip my eyelids up to check under them. BUT after he flipped my right eyelid., I expected him to do the other one. Instead he said, "Ok, I'm not going to do the other one because, well, you've got really strong eyelids and from what I saw under that one, the other one is probably fine."

You know, I always suspected that I had some sort of superpower... but I never suspected I would have abnormally strong eyelids.

"Would you like me to open that jar? Let me just use... my eyelids."

"You're about to jump from a burning building? I'll catch you... with my eyelids."

"Your car is dangling over a precipice? I'll grab the bumper and pull you to safety... with my eyelids."


  1. It's good to know that we have you and your eyelids out there keeping the world safe for democracy ;)

  2. and all little puppies in the world! YAY Steph's eyelids!

  3. hey a question - why do you have that 'bitter' picture? is it supposed to link to something? is it your mood?

  4. Cool you discovered your inner super hero -- will you have your own comic book? We'll have to get all the knit bloggers to buy it!

  5. Do you suppose there are eyelid strong-man competitions? heh.