Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Short Lived

I'm taking tomorrow off. I was just sitting on the couch, revelling in the knowledge that I can sleep in tomorrow when I remembered something:

I'm taking tomorrow off because I'm working on the weekend.

*insert disappointed "The Price Is Right" but you got it wrong type sound here*


Despite the knowledge that I am working all weekend, tomorrow is going to be a good day. I'm hoping that my darling husband is coherent enough to have breakfast with me tomorrow. He's STILL doing that insane "starting up a new business must work 20 hours a day" thing. I haven't really seen much of him over the last month. I briefly considered starting a support group for people who have spouses / partners who work too much. But then I remembered that I've already started that. It's me and a bunch of balls of yarn, only, the balls of yarn don't talk much and seem complacent with their lot in life.

I'm also planning to go for Cwaffeeeeee with Sheryl, my fabbo, wonderful LYS owner. Feel the love Sheryl, feel the love. Though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of Gaspereau Valley Fibres, you should fear no evil, for I still have money to spend at your store! (Julie, you should feel the love too, because your store is very different from Sheryl's - different from, different than???)...

And in not so great news - I'm getting mes yeux (my eyes) checked tomorrow. My prescription hasn't changed in quite a few years, but I'm starting to notice some issues with focusing when I'm at the grocery store and (worse yet) at Chapters. I totally spazzed on Andrew in the grocery store's soup aisle the other day. I clutched at his arm and said, "You've got to find the French Canadian Pea soup for me. I can't read the labels. Something is wrong with my eyes! Ahhhhh." I know that most of you are now more concerned that I eat French Canadian Pea soup than you are about my eyes, but lemme tell you it fills you up and no one at the office ever asks you to share when you bring what is commonly considered to be: Fart Soup.

So I have to go see my kinda hunky Optometrist tomorrow. It's very hard to maintain composure when someone you consider cute is that close to your head... and he totally freaks me out by flipping my eyelids up to check them for nasty cancerous growths. Does every optometrist do this now? My old optometrist, who was in Maine (yup, I crossed the border for the sake of my eyes... shout out to Dr. McMannis), never, ever flipped my lids. (hee hee) Every time my new optometrist flips my eyelids I think of that nasty kid from elementary school who sat in front of me on the bus and would turn around and look at me with his eyelids flipped. GAHHHHHH!

I just really hope that I don't need new glasses. I just got these puppies (sorry, Minou, spectacles) about 17 months ago. I haven't even sat on them yet!

Oh, I wanted to point you guys to Crazy Aunt Purl, but especially to this post. Especially the last two paragraphs. Did anyone else have this experience when they started to knit? She's got me pinned. I thought that knitting was so amazing that I tried to knit in the car on the way back to the cottage the first NIGHT I had re-learned how to knit. I think it spoke to my inner obsessive-compulsive needs. I didn't want to move away from the needles, ever! Still don't.

Alrighty then, if I'm going to get done all the things I'm hoping to accomplish tomorrow, I'm going to have to go to bed now.

I'll leave you with this, it's a pansy from my garden last year. I put it on the scanner. Hang in there, fellow Canucks, it won't be long!

B.T.W. In spite of the 20 degree Celsius weather today, we're supposed to get snow tonight. Not a lot, but snow nonetheless. It's the last one - then it really is spring.


  1. last one - ha ha ha hahhaaaa mommy says you are really really funny!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE reading Crazy Aunt Purl and have turned all my friends onto her. Our morning talks at school are all about her life. Aren't you amazed how knitting AND blogging has changed you? Jane

  3. I hope you're enjoying the day off and that you get some obsessive/compulsive knitting time, despite having your eyes dilated and lids flipped.

  4. i think I need a day off... i'm dying...