Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pajama Time

It's 2:30pm and I'm sitting on the couch in my jammies. I feel like such a slob.

I finished the main part of the baby sweater I've been working on (sorry, no photos, that would involve moving from this spot I've occupied since 11:30am). Now I just need to pick up the stitches for the collar. Should be interesting. Maybe I'll play around in my stash in an attempt to avoid that!

Wait, that would involved getting up too...


I'll just sit here and answer the Meme that Minou sent.

1.) Total number of books in your house:
Oh dear. There are quite a few - but not nearly as many as some people. I mean, I haven't earned a lifelong discount card from Chapters yet. I also went through the books and put quite a few in the yard sale pile. Let's see, about 500? I dunno - I'm on the couch. I can't go look.

2.) The last book you bought was:
Um, gee... does the Debbie Bliss Special Knits Book count? No? Ok, how about "You Grow Girl" the book about gardening? No, I guess that't more of a reference book, not a good read. I guess it was "A Rhinestone Button" by Gail Anderson Dargatz (is that how she spells her name? the book is upstairs...). I haven't read it yet. It's beside my bed, though.

3.) What was the last book you read before reading this?
The last book I finished? no, that can't be what you mean. Ok, the book that I am reading right now is Mary Magdalene - I don't remember the author's name (again - it's beside the bed and I'm not going up there until I have to pee - which may be soon...). JAK lent it to me. It's quite interesting, really. I'm only a little ways into it.

4) Write down 5 (or 6) books you often read or that mean a lot to you.
Well, you're just forcing me to get off the couch to go look at the bookshelves, aren't you. Darn it.

One True Thing - by Anna Quindlen
I read it a couple of years after my mom died. Although most of the things that happened to the characters in the book did not happen to us (no affairs, no drug overdoses, no arrests) - the basic idea was similar: a daughter goes home to care for her mother. I thought for sure that the author had been watching our lives and had been inside my head for the year that my mom was sick. It was the best therapy I have ever had and it cost less than $10. I have not read the book since, but I will always keep a copy of it on my bookshelf in case I ever feel the need to read it again.

Braided Lives by Marge Piercy
I read this book in my last year at University for a Women's Studies/English course. It had a huge impact on my beliefs.

Emily of New Moon - The series (3 books) by Lucy Maude Montgomery
I've read these books many times over the years. I don't remember how old I was when I first read them, but I adored Emily. She was mysterious and magical in ways that Anne of Green Gables didn't appear to be (although, I never did read the Anne books).

A Little Princess and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
If you haven't read these two books, wow are you ever missing out. Again, these are children's books, but I go back to them every now and then. The characters in them show you how to escape. Sigh. Find a child and read these books to him/her...Now! Go!!

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - so much better than the movie. I've read this about 10 times in the last 15 years.

The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B by Sandra Gulland
Brilliant Historical fiction. Josephine as in Napoleon and Josephine. There are three books in the series. Bloody brilliant, they are!

5.) Who are you going to pass the stick to (three people) and why?
JAK - 'cause she loves to read and to write and she might like doing this!

And if anyone wants to get tagged, just let me know... I haven't the foggiest as to who has done this and who hasn't.

Alrighty then, I have got to go upstairs now. See y'all later.


  1. Steph, what a great selection of books! I forgot about Secret Garden and A Little Princess, my Em loves those. Someone also gave her the first Emily of the New Moon book, maybe its time to get her to read it!

    And I was just thinking I should get a copy of the Princess Bride for the girls when I was at the bookstore today, now I'll have to go back :)

    I haven't read Braided Lives in more than 20 years, I'd completely forgotten about it, but I remember liking it.

    The upshot of this is you've given me some oldies to revisit and some new ideas to check out. Maybe I can learn to read in my sleep.

    I've got to get my pictures out of the camera and I'm going to post my list (I'm slow).

  2. I still have a copy of the Princess Bride and love it. Remember the part where the grandfather is telling the story and the publisher interrupts and says you'll have to write to them to get that part of the story? I did, and I still have the copy of the letter that Wm Goldman (Ok, a form letter via the publisher but it had his signature on it!) sent back. I keep it in the book and threatened my kids with death or dismemberment if they harmed or lost it while reading the book. I also loved the Secret Garden and A Little Princess (we just watched a recent TV movie of it) as do my girls. I'll have to check out the Em books. My older girls have the Anne books and videos, so maybe my younger girls will like something new.

  3. OOOOOH, yes, a great selection of books! But the Princess Bride, oh man do I love that one too!