Thursday, August 25, 2005

Finally, some new photos...

but they aren't of my knitting.

Sorry. I was hoping to take some at the office today, but the camera belongs to another department and I couldn't really take it from them (hey - they don't ask for my electronic scale for their recreational use, so I don't ask for their camera).

Let's see, I've got some photos from the weekend. Let's start it off with a photo of JAK's outdoor fireplace.

There was a nice roaring fire in there. My toes were nice and warm, thank you very much!

Here's JAK... kind of...

It was hard to fight off the photographers. Both JAK and I were scared that we would end up on FUGLYdot COM.

This photo of JAK's dog, Harley, and I... sure to make Minou jealous. Minou, you will always be my very precious god-dog, but Harley is just such a lover-dog, that it's hard to resist his charms.

I spent yesterday at a golf course for my company's charity golf tournament. It was a great day, neither too warm, nor too cold, the golfers had fun and so did I. Our office has a new digital camera, so I had a little fun...

This is my coworker riding the putting tournament prize down to the hole.

The course is situated on a lake outside of the city and there is a community built around the course. You can buy a house in the community and your membership comes with it, or something like that. Doesn't that sound crazy? Buying your house based on some lame recreational activity involving sticks. Silliness... absolute silliness. But you know... if it was a sheep farm with a yarn store in the club house, I would be in line with the rest of you... silly recreational activity involving sticks. Bah!

Alright. Moving on.

This was taken in the tent where we had supper later in the evening. It's on the outside of the glass. Isn't that cool? Want another look at it?

Yeah... I miss the knitting photos too... sigh.


  1. Oooh, I love the cranefly photo! Very cool perspective; I love how (I am such a dork) it enlarges the body so you can see the halteres (little vestigial wing thingys that flies have).

  2. OK. I was going to say "cool daddy long legs on the glass" but I'm slightly intimidated by the entomologist among us. So I better just say "ditto."

  3. Mr. & Mrs. S11:53 p.m.

    Hey Steph...

    Finally found you and now try to get away...
    We heard that the Heavy Blinkers were opening for the Rolling Stones this weekend..any truth to that?? Want to start a rumor??
    Love your writing style (whate'er that may be!!)