Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Negligent blogger

I don't really know what it is that is keeping me from blogging lately... actually, that's not the truth, I know why I'm not blogging... there are a number of reasons:

1. I have so many WIPs it is overwhelming and embarrassing.
2. I have no digital camera to document those WIPs (which may be a good thing) and I hate blogging without photos.
3. I spent all day Sunday recuperating from Saturday night.

Errrrr... the last one isn't really a reason for not blogging all week, rather it's just a reason for not blogging on Sunday.

This last week has actually been an emotional roller-coaster. Friends of ours were in town on this week (John - honeymoon John - his wife J and their two little ones), so we had supper with them on Friday evening. It was really great to see them as they have been in BC for 4 years now, but it made me miss having them around.

On Saturday morning, my dad called with some bad news. My eldest female cousin, JK, has just been diagnosed with cancer. She's 39, married, with no kids. Unfortunately, my dad was working (he's the boss) and he was an emotional wreck from the tear-filled phone conversation he had with his sister (JK's mom) at midnight the night before, so I didn't get all the details until last night. Out of respect for privacy laws, I'll just say that it's not good (yeah, because cancer can be good) and my aunt, who works at one of the top hospitals in the USA for cancer research, is trying to arrange for JK to go there.

In the midst of all that, Andrew had the weekend off, and we had to go spend more time with the visiting friends and two other couples, all of whom have children. It was kind of hard. Andrew and I do want to have children, but right now there are circumstances that are, uh, delaying that (yes, Minou, it's our love for you and your mommy that is keeping the babies at bay).

I bet you're all wondering what did we do on Saturday night that forced us to spend Sunday recuperating? Well, we were both due for a good time (Andrew hasn't had an entire weekend off since the end of July), so we went out to JAK's house for a little par-tay.

Ingredients for a good Maritime party:

1. Good friends
2. Social lubricant (that would be alcohol)
3. Food - oh, yes, FOOD
- LOBSTER (Fresh from the water that morning, people!)
- DESSERT - ie: brownies, ice cream and chocolate sauce
4. Laughter
5. Horrible stories
6. An outdoor firepit (I bet the neighbours were pissed when we lit that up at midnight).
7. Rubber boots (ask JAK - she was wearing them)
8. More social lubricant
9. A digital camera (JAK needs to send me some photos)
10. Walking through the neighbourhood at midnight with open liquor (I didn't do it... I just accompanied the boys)
11. Arriving home at 3:30am.
12. Musical instruments are optional (contrary to beliefs of the kitchen kaleigh culture).

Ok, this is a sucky entry, but I feel like I need to post something. I'm too tired to edit tonight and I should be getting to bed. I've got a company golf tournament tomorrow. It's a fundraiser for The Children's Wish Foundation. I won't be at SnB, but others might. Maybe JAK will send me some photos to liven up this place.


  1. I haven't been posting much either (tells you how exciting my life is). Oh, my. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. My chest feels tight thinking about your family.

    On a brighter note, the party definitely sounds authentic to me. Why do people from away often think we sit around the kitchen at our parties fiddling and drinking antifreeze/grain alcohol/moonshine from our uncle cleatis? Admitedly, that's not terribly far off...but still...

    Ok, you've guilted me in to posting now.

  2. Anonymous6:22 p.m.

    Oh my gosh, I am sorry about your cousin... hopefully she can get into that good doctor asap!

    I just want to run up and join in the Maritime party... sounds super!

  3. That was me... freaking button!! gah!