Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oh Heavenly Day

I just spent today working at my favourite LYS! I love working there. I was discussing this with Sheryl, the lovely owner (hi Sheryl - how's it going? cut out coffee yet? heh heh)... when we were sorting out some scheduling over the phone. I was hoping to do some more shifts this fall, but it looks like my "real job" schedule is really getting in the way of my yarn store hours. I told Sheryl that I was quite relieved she had asked me to work there, because if I just hung around there for the amount of time that I would like really like to spend there... well, it would be unseemly. And I would probably lose my regular job.

I didn't buy any yarn today, but I did set some aside that I want to pick up on Monday. *ahem* She's got Rowan All Seasons Cotton on for 70% off. Leaving that yarn there would be like leaving kittens at the side of the road. Yeah, you heard me. I'm hard core. I'm comparing abandoned kittens to variegated yarn on sale. Hey, I have my reasons for stocking up: my cousin's wife is having TWINS! Those babies are getting matching little blankies! Or sweaters... I'm undecided.

She also has Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora on sale for 50% off. How can she do this to me when I'm on a yarn buying hiatus (baby blankets excluded)? If I didn't love her so much, I would think that she's just trying to kill me with sales (love ya, Sheryl... set some of that aside for me too... those babies will need sweaters... DAMMIT!).

Ok, enough of the advertising (heh heh).

Let's move on... Remember the whining about the digital camera? No? Suffer any short term memory loss? Please see the last post. (Can you tell I've got that demon-sugar coursing through my veins?)

Well, my usual camera is on the fritz (and if my "darling" husband ever remembers to bring it home, we'll be taking to be repaired)... so I'm sadly without my usual crappy electronic resources. I've been feeling horrible about this and the thought of a photoless blog was keeping me awake at night, so I... ?

What? oh, ok, no more explaining. Here are the photos. You can probably guess where I found a camera...

This is my office! Not my home office, my work office (my home office is awful and will never be pictured on this blog until such time as: I win a million dollars in the lottery and I outfit this hole with nicer furniture).

The photo of Minou on the computer screen is the one of her in her Monty Python outfit.

You'll see I've entitled this one "Proof". That's for those of you who know me as a couch potato and don't believe I would be biking to work. I've been told by my coworker that I could get commute-friendly tires, but I told him that I do some "off-roading" on my way to work. Hee hee.

These are my cankle-socks. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha... They are the basic cabled socks from Brainylady. I love how they are turning out. Even though the yarn is variegated, and doesn't show the cable as well as it would with a plain yarn, I like them. It makes the cables a little hidden surprise (That's what I'm telling myself anyway. Then I cry a little bit b/c I have a ball of solid orange Opal in my stash.)

Quick. Look at this:

Do you see it? Do you see how the purple is pooling? Doh. Forget it. Let the cables dazzle you. Martha? Will you show me how to do short row heels?

Alright. Let's look at something I bet that none of you knew I was working on. Well, except Jen. But we were both tipsy when I showed her and now I bet she's forgotten.

I know, I know. I'm behind by a year. It's Carla from Rowan's "It's a Tape Thing". I love how fast knits up. See how there is an entire piece that's already finished? Yup. I did that in a day! It's so easy! Last baby came out sideways, didn't even scream! (sorry, is that offensive? Andrew is forever doing that little skit and I can't even remember where he got it.)

Crap. I just used all of my uploads for this month on Flickr. I was going to upload the shawl that Martha (fellow Tangled Skeins employee) made. It's amazing. I think it is the leaf shawl from FiberTrends. Martha says she's only been knitting since January, but I think she's pulling our legs. She's such an amazing knitter. Are you blushing, Mrs. T? She's read so much about knitting that she's like a walking encyclopedia! Honest! it's great. Ok, so it's possible that she's telling the truth about when she started knitting, but if so:
a. what do her amazing talents say about the rest of us slackers?
b. is it possible that she is channelling the spirit of some master knitter?
c. should I quit my job and start knitting full time?

Well, you'll all just have to wait until September for me to upload the photo of her shawl. Believe me, it's worth the wait.


  1. hey! pictures! so thrilling, even though I already saw carla and the cankle-cozy, I'm still excited to see pictures of them for some odd reason. Both are coming along nicely.

    Did you know that:
    1. the last time I got regular pictures developed at shoppers they gave me a cd to go with it? I'll look at it later, but I assume its copies of my pictures on there. Alternative to digital camera if you are desperate.
    2. Blogger will let you upload pictures directly now? There's a little button on the post window. Check "blogger images" in the help section.

  2. Answering: "Do you see how the purple is pooling?" ...

    No, I thought, "Oh, she has cables AND purple stripes ... diagonal ones. Isn't that clever of her!"

    Happy knitting,

  3. Shoot, Janey stole my comment.

    I've got some cankles that need some new socks. Just saying...